Pass It On's mission is to improve
the quality of life of children with disabilities by providing them the opportunity for greater independence, socialization, dignity, comfort, and a chance to reach their milestones no matter how great or small

a volunteer based
 501(c)(3) nonprofit
charitable organization
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Welcome to Pass It On!

 Since 1992, our organization has been providing recycled durable medical equipment (DME)
and other assistive technology to children with disabilities.  Our primary charitable
 purpose is to assist children and families who fall through the cracks in the
healthcare system and do not have the healthcare coverage or funds to acquire the items
needed to improve their quality of life.
To date, Pass It On has assisted close to 8000 families with over 16,000 pieces of DME and
assistive technology, all for free.  Millions of dollars worth of recycled equipment has
been distributed throughout Eastern Massachusetts, benefiting families and the
Commonwealth as well.  In addition, surplus medical equipment and supplies are provided 
to various 501(c)3  agencies in support of emergency relief efforts, here and abroad.
All of Pass It On's accomplishments would not be possible without the care, concern, and
generosity of individuals and foundations.  We will continue in our mission as long as the
need exists, and our efforts are joined by those who are willing to make a difference.

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